What makes us disease?

What makes us disease?

What  makes us disease?
There are many reasons  for the spread of the disease in the world. But what is really happening. More and more people are keen to learn this secret. Because today spend more money for medication. In fact , the development of the disease is develops in   imbalanced  state.   Imbalance state is happened  often to many people. This imbalance may occur at body or mind. Every human have prana body. Prana body is in and around our physical body. We canot see this prana body by our naked eys. This body has many layers. That is emotional body, ethric body, and so on….Imbalance state will affect these layers.

For Example

1.     When imbalance ,Cells of our body  get wrong information from another cells. That time cells are confusing. So immunity power will be low. Those  affected  cells  can  become  weakened, making us ill.

2.     Stress and negative Emotions  can block the energy path to feed the organs and making  that part  weak.

3.     Negative thought forms   and un balanced thinking will be a big part  of the cause of illness .

4.     Changing place to place , country to country ,may cause makes illness. Some places has more electro -magnetic power,. Thunder  may cause make illness.

5.     Environmental pollution is big factor to making  sudden illness.

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