Yoga and its benefits

Yoga and its benefits

Today  most people say yoga, And practicing yoga. Yoga can be uses in many way. Now a days apart from India many country people like yoga, come and learn yoga. Before learn yoga one should know what is yoga ? why we do yoga ? how to understand yoga and its power?. Who is real yoga “GURU”. What is  your purpose of learning  yoga ?

What is yoga ?  

Yoga means ‘unity’.  Yoga means Feeling as one. It is a body, mind and spiritual  discipline of practice. Yoga works on all aspects of the person in all stages . we can say yoga is divine science for right living and understanding visible and no visible.  ‘yoga ‘  is a spiritual  word . it denotes the path to divine  world . yoga is mental balancing art. Yoga is a language to talk with our body. Yoga is an social art to understand the situation of a nation. Yoga is a tool to change one’s character. Yoga is a tool to  understand our previous birth also. We can dominate each and every atom and tissue of our body.  Yoga is the only one medicine for any disease. Yoga is a property of humankind , not any religious .

what is yoga  benefits ?

If we start to do yoga we get these Benefits. Our mind will be peaceful ,We get weight loss or weight gain by yoga , that means we have healthy weight. Whatever disease we have before doing yoga ,all will be vanished.  Yoga asana gives flexible body.  and glowing skin and color also. You will look bright face with “tejus’

Readers must Remember yoga practice is a continuous process. Practice makes perfect. If you do yoga daily you will get more benefits by your practice and experience of feeling. Yoga helps to understand in all level as body ,mind and sprite levels. It is very very important that learn yoga and do yoga under the supervisin of well trained yoga masters or yoga therapists.


Caution : yoga is not a substitute for medicine. It will help in all stages for getting health. before start yoga consult your doctor.


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Cure Yoga was started in 1998 by Dr.G.Venkatesan in Madurai, India. Today, we are a one of the top leader in Health consulting, Yoga , Meditation , Reiki ,Massage and Healing Therapies. Many of the most successful companies called us to deliver yoga and other health services to their staff’s to improve their production.Cure yoga provides Yoga , Meditation , Reiki ,Massage ,Health consulting and Healing Therapies to help clients for both learning and curing diseases in over 50 cities in india, singapore and malaysia.

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