What is the reason that some people are midgets ?

What is the reason that some people are midgets ?

General view

Generally people believe  the effect of sin will be affect the physical body in human’s birth. Today doctor’s a5750efaa11824a0e68957396df666flso saying about same like this theory that  Midgets and dwarfism is hereditary. There is no medicine for this problem. If turn to look history dwarfs or midgets were  a fascinated people. Ancient times many king families were kept dwar
fs for amusement to their family members. We see as fun People may be very tall  or  very short.   Too much or too little growth
is usually caused by disease or by the way certain glands do or do not work properly.

Generally older people are saying a person’s height is due to heredity. Very Rare Like these people are born and live  in Africa. And deep forest people of African tribes.   Glands are very important factor to decide human’s body shape. The dwarf whose height is not normal, usually they have some disorder in the endocrine glands. The endocrine, pituitary adrenal, thyroid, and male and female sex glands all can influence how tall a person will be.

There is a kind
of dwarfism – affected at skeletal system.   person’s head and trunk are normal in size, but whose arms and legs will be short. This can be caused by a disease. In growing stage a normal body skeleton changes into bone at the growing ends of bones.  Diseases of cartilage could prevent the arms and legs from growing in a nordwarfismmal manner.

Dwarfism can be cause by a lack of hormones in the pituitary gland. The child grows during the first few years and then stops. His proportions remain childlike . such a child can be helped by hormones.

Holistic health view

All diseases or brilliant health is started in human aura. Human aura is the place of registry of past events.  Each and every movement of human life  is  watched  by miracle eye.    Every   registry  makes some effects at chakras of prana body. Chakra is main source of energy distribution center for physical body. Since we started our life as one sperm to the death chakra is  drive  our  physical body. Chakra’s  are  divided  as its  functions. Limp chakra’s so
me time most affect by negative thought form registries .dwarf people are not seated as naturally in mother’s womb. Because their limp energy won’t be as normal. They can’t move  like other  baby.  Super  power and most experienced healers can diagnose these problems at the time of conceiving.

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