District manager and press reporter

i am a yoga student of sports university Madras. i learned a lot about yoga therapy Technics in this center

Mr. Eesa@umachandran

Financial consultant

i am a Foreign Return. now i am as a financial consultant. i had some problems in my abdominal area. i followed cure yoga therapy center and now i got dynamic health.



Age 45, I suffered a tooth ache. Dr.Venkatesan has advised simple treatment with Neem leaves for three times. I recovered considerably from tooth ache. He is a well wisher for us. I always contact him for any health issue. His treatment and advice are awesome. I wish him all the very best for his endeavor. I pray god to shower all the blessings to him and continue to serve for the society.

Mrs. Meeraayyappan

House wife

I am 56-year-old, was experiencing occasional itching and swelling of the face. And pain in the shoulder, like a force caused by itching in the neck. Hr. Venkatesan Sir gave them the healing and yoga therapy. And followed his recommended exercises and advice’s. I corrected my lifestyle of diet, body hygiene, and meditation. Now I am well and good health. Heartfelt thanks to Hr. venkatesan.


Rtd government staff. Teni Dt

Now I am in 70 years, I had been suffering from asthma, often cold, and joint pains for many years. I had been taking allopathy medicines regularly for my all problems. One day I met Hr.venkatesan and took prana healing sittings in his center. (Madurai) moreover he recommended some yoga practices. I followed his home practices of breathing exercises and asanas, diet control instructions. All the problems got better in the course of the months and now I am well and healthy. I can do my all jobs independently. I stopped taking any pills. Heartfelt thanks to Hr. venkatesan



Age 12. When I woke up in the morning, I saw and experienced swelling under my eyes. Hr. Venkatesan   cureyogaindia Madurai. Gave me distance prana healing. After some sittings, the swelling under the eyes gradually decreased. I did some yoga exercises that He  recommended . Thank you Dr. Venkatesan

R. varsha


Age 8, my eyes were watering. She kept blinking. Dr. Venkatesan Sir gave me distance prana Healing. He massaged my head. Similarly, he recommended massaging head daily. In continually distance healing sittings the blink of an eye gradually subsided and returned to normal. Heartfelt thanks to Hr. Venkatesan