How to be young forever?

How to be young forever?

How  to be young forever?

We first need to know that what is young ? generally everyone wish to be young and youth. Naturally Our body has young cells and aging cells. It is very important to know what factors will keep as ever youth.

Factors which gives youth look

1. There is a driving force in the food that we eat daily. The food “energy” gives driving power to all of out internal organs.
2. This energy that we call it ‘prana energy’. Food without prana energy, we should not eat it. Because instead of having energy by the food , we lose our acquired energy by consuming prana less foods.
3. Different kinds of foods has different kind of” prana energy “. You should find out that which energy has lacks of your body. which energy really wants .to be young and youth
4. . As it is every food has prana power , there is some amount of toxic energy. This amount will vary from food to food.
5. Toxic energy develops aging ness. So Everyday we should defecate regularly.
6. Most of time we eat colorful foods for tasty. That day we must be very careful. More taking will be affect body cells.

Our ancestor’s calling this physical body as “ annamaya kosha” that means body is made of food. If input is correct out put will be correct. Fresh and energetic foods makes young our body.

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