your general questions and answers

Tamil and English

No, you should get appointment first and come in time..

Personal class only.

No, during the yoga therapy we do not allow drop-in patients at all. We care for and respect all our patients

English and Tamil

Yes, it is better to bring your own.

Yes, you can come colour dress, but you should carry tee shirts and yoga pants, and wear at our yoga centre.

No, we are not sale any yoga dress or any medicines.

Yes, you can bring, you can take it when pause time.

Yes, you should come on noted date or ask permission if you wish to modify other date.

Please do not bring any valuables to yoga class. If any, keep it your supervision.

Yes, there is toilet and bathroom facility.

Yes, there is a dress changing room

No, you do not use mobile phone. You have to switch off at your session


Here your general questions about therapy

Yes, you should practice yoga and other practices every day. We instruct you at when your class

You will heal by distance through your photo on planned time.

Ok, you can postpone your class for your urgency.

Yes, according to your body, mind problem we will give some paper material


Here fees related questions

Yes, you must pay before your class starts.

No, you should pay before your class starts.

Yes, you can pay as two installment.