Distance Healing

Distance Healing

What is distance healing?

Distance Healing means prana energy treatment is done by distance through the patient”s picture. The patient receptivity makes fast and distant healing works immediately. The distance healing is done at the planned, comfortable time for you. Those who wish can get this distance healing from their home.

How do the Distance Prana Energy healing works?

Everyone has a biomagnetic light body around the human body called “Aura”. This body has energy tubes and energy-sucking vortexes Disorders occur in the body causing physical and mental illness. The distance prana healer sends healing energy and cleanses negative and used up energies and makes flow energy in the aura and energy tubes and chakras. the patient is getting the cure.

what situation distance prana healing is best to have?

when you or your loved one is  in given below the problems you can be book and taken this distance prana energy healing

Physical Diseases: – when the fever does not know what fever is, when the drugs do not work, when in severe pain, during labour complication,  during the surveillance. During the surgery,  when in the extreme surveillance section, in I C U,

Mental Diseases:- Depression, stress, Mourning, Emotional stress, mental disturbance, work tension, family tension, fearness, fright, shock, abuse, anger, marriage stress, family quarrel, obsession, nervousness, anguish

such problems you can be taken this distance prana energy healing.

How many distance healing session is needed?                           

distance healing session will vary according to your problem. and gaining body and mind health.

How long the distance prana healing session will be?

One sitting Distance prana healing will be 30 minutes. you will receive “ I start healing “ information before the healing session. then immediately you should ON theTimer Alarm and sit on the chair, must watch your breath till the alarm will ring.

Can I have this healing at my convenient time?

Yes, you can fix your comfortable time. Then only you will receive distance prana healing power very effectively.

Do I want to write my physical and mental problems?

yes, you should write about your disturbing problems of your body, mind and spirit. and must send your picture and current living city name. then only I try to solve by this distance prana healing.

What are the goods you collect for this distance healing?  And how should you sit in the healing chair?

Goods: – 1, Washed cotton dress for you,  2, white cloth or carpet,3,  lamp or candle,  4, matchbox, 5, sea salt (rock salt), 6,  small plastic cup, 7, water, 8,  chair,  9, timer instrument

 Preparing for getting distance healing : –

  1. it is better to bath before start healing or wash your face and legs.
  2. Wear the cotton dress without tightness
  3. in a clean room, Spread the white cloth or white carpet on the ground.
  4. Put the chair in the middle of the white spread.
  5. Take some water in the cup and put in a handful of sea salt.
  6. Place the cup before the chair. (The power of disease will go to this cup when healing session).
  7. before start the healing Light up the candle and keep it near the cup.
  8. Set the timer tool up to 30 minutes.
  9. Do not talk with anyone until the distant healing end, do not attend any phone calls and nobody should not touch you.
  10. if distance healing starts, please sit on the healing chair, keep your palms open upward at your thigh and close your eyes, watch your breath in and out. your feet must touch on white cloth. (do not wear shoes or chappal)
  11. .Here I sit before your photo send distant prana healing for thirty minutes for all of your problems. your body and mind will accept it.
  12. .if alarm rang, open your eyes and get up.
  13. Take the salt water carefully and throw into a drainage. don’t touch the water.
  14. It is good to take rest after the healing.. suppose you want to go out, avoid handshaking, death function, hospital visit.for this healing day only
  15. .i will send some self-healing practice – tips following this distance healing.

How to fix Distance Healing Time?

Distance healing time is a golden time. that must be convenient for you. you must be free from any disturbance yourself. fix that time and write it. 

Is there any home practice after distance healing?   

Yes, there are some simple exercises. It will be sent later. That Includes yoga, meditation, diet control, mindset.

Will you send a report about my aura and chakra problems?

Yes, your Aura and chakra states will be sent to you.

What is the additional benefit of distance prana healing?

  1. . It makes you understand the truth about yourself
  2. . You will fully join in the power of God.
  3. . You will know your body language
  4. . You will feel the healing from the disease
  5. . The mind becomes clear
  6. . You will have your energy capacity
  7. . Your chakra and aura will run naturally
  8. . Your natural body will get prana energy power and glow.
  9. . you will get a clear view of reach your goal.
  10. . Your holistic health will be good

Fees structures

  • One session fee: $ 30 Indian rupees  1000.  This should be taken within  24 hours.
  • Two session fee: $ 60 Indian rupees  2000. This should be taken within  48 hours.
  • Three session fee: $ 80 Indian rupees  3000. This should be taken within  72 hours.
  • Five session fee: $ 120 Indian rupees  5000. This should be taken within  120 hours

You have to pay fees before the treatment to our bank account.


Indian Overseas Bank     by Pass Road Branch Madurai  Savings Account Number: 158001000012619

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