cancer can be cure by natural way

cancer can be cure by natural way


cancer is a disease that cells grow and  divide with no control. There are many different types of cancer. Generally cancers are classification for the organ or the cell where the cancer begins. Some type of cancers can spread from the original place to other places in the body.

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How cancer stasrts

Basically cells are the basic building blocks of our  body system. We have many different types of cells and they produce up all of the tissues and organs in our body. every cell are have thousands of genes that act as a commander  for the cell. Genes provide instructions for the cell that what will act or do next in the body. Genes is very intelligent that act as itself. Or  combine with other genes. Making new cell itself divide and replace damaged old cells.



The cancer symptoms are depends upon  the  body area  and growth. that are

  1. A sore that does not heal long days or years
  2. Change in bowel or bladder habits
  3. Unusual bleeding
  4. Lump in breast or elsewhere
  5. Difficulty or troubling in swallowing
  6. Continuous changing in wart or mole
  7. Continuous cough
  8. Loss of weight
  9. Bleeding between two periods
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Physical Causes

So  for the prime cause of cancer is not known. But major reason are caused by environmental factors.

  1. Causing agent is the consumption of pan ,bettenut ,tobacco. these are causing for lung cancers.
  2. Industrial pollutants like as asbestos, nickel, tar, soot and x ray.
  3. Other factors are trauma, hormone imbalance and malnutrition.
  4. Faulty food , or diet or repeated food or food addiction can be cause.
  5. Animal raw meat and poor digestion can be cause

Nature treatment

  1. Nature treatment is very effective and harmless And elimination of all dead cancer cells out(carcinoma). Diet is major factor in development and prevention of cancer. Next important is pure air, environmental pollutions like smoking – tobacco , dangerous gas , chemical gases, will lead to increase the diseases. So air must be clean. Natural food must be taken till cure.
  2. First cancer patient should cleanse the body system by thoroughly relieving constipation. This will making all the organs of waste elimination. Patient should follow fasting , enema,
  3. Second food must be fruits or juice is better. Take orange,grape, lemon , apple, peaches, pears, pineapples, tomatoes and vegetable juices like carrot, beetroot. This will follow a week.
  4. After days patient must follow very easy digestible vegetarian food. Generally natural food will help body to repair itself

Healing therapy

  1. before starts cancer disease it can be bad fire feel in prana body at some locations. Forehead region, between the area of chest and abdomen, tail bone area (coccsy).
  2. Then gradually some abnormal growth in that area or irritation starts and come out visible. Chakras are running more speed than normal. Aura will be un blanced.and some area will be red.
  3. Mostly cancer patients solar plexus chakra, Anja chakra, basic chakra affects very severely.
  4. Continually balancing these chakras gives best result.

Healing affirmations for cancer

A unforgettable trauma ,hurt ,can’t suppressible secret, hatreds are the reason for cancer. So we select some positive word and recite daily. Like I forgive everyone in my past. Releasing all worries with a tree. Accepting oneself as happy.

yoga  and kriya therapy

Asana : sarvangasana, vibareta karani, sandhi asana

Kriya :  kapala bathi , Nadi suddhi, bastrika

Caution : given in this article  is not a substitute for medicine. It will help in all stages for getting health. before start alternate therapy  consult your doctor.

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