“Everyone with effort can be Healed by nature


Healer govee.venkatesan.Msc yoga

Mother Nature’s energy will heal
and save all life in the earth.
Let us all follow nature
to get good health and
longer life span

We, Cure Yoga India offer yoga and prana energy healing and natural therapies, meditation class at our Centre. If man adheres to the rules of nature in his life, such as food, work and rest, then his body will function smoothly. Various poisons are let to stay in the human body when violating the laws of nature. Temporary discomfort with various  signs occurs   when it stays and when it leaves.   We call  this disease by many names.  In this world of science, people are looking for a cure for all ailments with pills and surgeries. Some diseases heal. Many diseases supressed and placed in the   body. However, many diseases cannot cure only by medicine or surgery. People born in India and of Indian descent have the art of yoga imprinted on the blood cells in their body. There is no need to teach fish how to swim, just as teaching yoga to Indians will bring them back out from their memory and habit. Moreover, they will learn very quickly. Our aim is to teach our holistic well-being therapy and class through the workshop on methodological training that eliminates and cures disease and make holistic health.


Our goal is to cure people of thie world

offering yoga practice to the people and making them be healthy.